What is a yoga life coach?

Intuitive Life/Yoga Coach

I draw upon my intuitive abilities and experience as a yoga teacher to help you understand what blocks you are holding and what thoughts can be let go to integrate a more flowing mind body spirit connection.  With more clarity and insight, life or business decisions can be made with higher awareness.

It is my belief that the world can be a more beautiful place if we challenge ourselves to master the art of self-worth and awareness, and encourage others to do the same. To feed the spirit. Find a voice. Inspire the soul. Please join me .

All lives have a birth, and all lives have an end. We need to make the most of what goes in between. To make it Wonderful. Interesting. Fulfilling.  Celebrate your Worthiness your Spirit, your Distinctions, and the individual things that already make you awesome.

Together we can seek out the tools and knowledge that can lead you to your happiest and healthiest life. Lets to work together for the betterment of you, your loved ones, your home, and society. To live life on your terms, and make your mark on the world. I wish to help you create a place where hopes, dreams, passions, talents, good health, compassion for self and others, and living life without reservation are all to be celebrated.

Your thoughts, opinions, and contributions matter. I would love to work with you.

Thanks for joining in the adventure!


Founder of Balafon Yoga Life Coaching.



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