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Officer I did Nothing!!!

Are you feeling guilty about stuff that is not yours to feel guilty about??


This past weekend my son had a hockey tournament in another town.  As we were rushing out the door I got a heads up from one of the other  Hockey Moms who had spotted a speed trap and let me know about it.  Sure enough just where I would have pressed a little harder on the gas there it was.

Once I got to the rink I thanked the proactive parent and then immediately felt guilty for not passing the word along.  Another parent could really have benefited from me making a call.  They got a big speeding ticket and lost some points. Both things they can’t afford. But I did not call ( I actually did not have their number…well I did but  looking up that number and everyone else’s number and calling  would have made me late,) So they got a ticket for driving too fast and breaking the law and I felt lousy!!!

For some reason I felt that the speeding ticket that they got was my fault!!!

Have you ever found yourself caught up in the drama of others? Then wound up feeling resentful and drained from all the energy you needlessly used?

I decided it was time to practice some Non BendyYoga and take full responsibility for what I had done. Nothing!!! I had done nothing . Nothing wrong, nothing to feel ashamed about…Nothing!!! It was my job to disconnect from the burden that I had chosen to carry.  

Knowing what we are and are not responsible for in our lives creates a unique type of freedom. Here are some examples were you may be taking on a burden that’s not yours.

You are NOT responsible for colleagues who cause a toxic work environment.

You ARE responsible for coming up with a plan on how you are going to work in it, or find something new. 

You are NOT responsible for your sisters’ divorce or the demise of any relationship.

You ARE responsible for what you do in your own relationships.

You are NOT responsible for your child declining their higher education and as a result ruining their perceived future.

You ARE responsible for your own education and future.

You are NOT responsible for your brother going bankrupt.

You ARE responsible for your own financial situation.

You are NOT responsible for the happiness and joy of others.

You ARE responsible for creating your own happiness.   

Letting go removes many of the energetic and karmic responsibility we choose to carry for others. When we refrain from allowing others to step their place of responsibility and accountability we steal their opportunity for personal growth and spiritual, development.

With the world moving at such a fast pace, and other peoples life situations constantly surrounding us it’s easy to get pulled into the big and little burdens of others, while turning a blind eye on our own struggles.

Know when to stand up and be accountable.  Know to do nothing.

Do you take on the burdens of others?  If so are you able to let go?? Lets Talk…

Danielle Intuitive Life/Yoga Coach



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